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Philip's Adventure in Pianoland by Hilary Tunnicliffe illustrated and designed by Charlotte Price

Many parents and teachers will have enjoyed the satisfaction of guiding the early musical steps of a receptive young beginner. They may also have suffered the disappointment of finding that, possibly due to stress of harder school work and/or strain of physical and emotional development, the pupil's progress is halted by slack motivation.

Philip's Adventures in Pianoland was written in weekly instalments for a musical, intelligent boy of six who was in just this situation. It proved to be ideal interim material. On the first page one of the notes greets Philip with a huge smile, tells him his name - BIG D - shows him where he lives, tells him his best friend's name - CELLO A - and takes him round to meet him. They play a see-saw game together, other friends appear, other games get played, they all need each other . . . Thanks to accessible words and music and vivid illustration this emerging world quickly became intensely real to Philip. These were all his friends. He read about them and played with them. (His note-reading and fingerwork improved.) Their relationship changed his whole attitude.

Philip's mother writes:

"From the start Philip loved it. The whole approach was so different and unexpected, the notes came alive, he talked about them, even to them. As his mother I am personally convinced that Hilary's approach moved him forward at a difficult time in his life."

50 pages spiral-bound- colourful - music and text simple and clear - reads like a story with a strong appeal to an imaginative child - original, lively and fun - an approach to learning piano unlike any other. Designer and illustrator Charlotte Price transformed hand-written pages and drawings into a stylishly designed book with imaginative humorous pictures.

View colour extracts from Philip's Adventures in Pianoland (PDF 610 KB)

Philip's Adventures in Pianoland:
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